Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to book a session, how far in advance do I need to book?

   A. I accept bookings up to a year in advance, so I highly recommend contacting me as soon as you know that you would like to book a session!  Most clients book 2-3 months in advance.  


Q: Do you accept payment plans?

   A. Absolutely! Most clients pay a 25% deposit, then the remaining balance on the day of the session.  If you need to make different arrangements, I am happy to work with your needs, as long as the balance is paid in full by the day of the session.


Q: Do you use presets when editing your images?

   A. Since every session is a little different (studio vs. natural light vs. flash vs. night sessions), I prefer to hand edit my images rather than using a set preset.  This allows me to have a wonderful blend of bright, vibrant colors that are hard to replicate, making them special to your session.


Q: How long do you keep images?

   A. For as long as technology allows!  I back my images up using multiple hard drives and also to the cloud so that I can be sure to have them if you need them later on.  If you need to re-download digital images from the gallery or wish to purchase additional images, it is $50 to reactivate the gallery.



Q: What is your policy regarding inclusivity?

   A. I believe that everyone has the right to dignity and self-respect, regardless of any personal factors in their lives.  I will not tolerate any form of exclusion or disparagement of any person due to factors such as age, race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability or mental illness at any point before, during or after any session. 

Q: My loved one has special needs.  How will you accommodate them?

   A.  I have worked with children and adults who are on the autism spectrum, have ADD/ADHD, PICC lines, loss of limbs, and many other limiting factors.  I ask that you inform me before the session so that I may make adjustments to location suggestions and reasonable accomodations.  For children on the spectrum, I ensure that there are no surprises and I use patience and calm words, and I ask that you assist me in making sure that your loved one feels safe.  It is very important to me that all clients leave their session feeling happy, and I will do my utmost to ensure that is accomplished. 

Q: What is your policy regarding refunds for session fees?

   A. I understand that things happen that are beyond our control, and that sometimes unexpected expenses pop up at the last minute.  I allow reschedules for sessions up to 8 hours prior to the session - this allows you to contact me if you are feeling ill, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID-19 or any other communicable illness.  My session fee is non-refundable only if you are a no-show/no call.  Once the session has taken place, if you are unsatisfied with the images provided for viewing, I will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.  Once digital images and prints have been purchased and delivered, no refunds will be issued.   

 Q: I only want one or two images, it won't take that long - why do I have to pay a full session fee?

   A.  The session fee for my time and talent covers much more than just me capturing your images.  It also encompasses my camera gear, equipment, editing, potential travel or backdrop pricing if in the session is in my studio.   I work hard in order to ensure that your images meet a high standard of quality that will endure for a lifetime.